A John Grooters Film

Stand By Me


The Patriot

Hiram Walworth, a 14-year-old boy from Plattsburgh, New York, decides along with a handful of his friends to stand up against an overwhelming British enemy in an effort to save his country. For nine days they joined The War of 1812 – changing the course of history.


John Grooters
Writer / Director
Caleb Milby
Reid Miller
Kevin Porter


Concept Scene

19 Oct

Today we’re releasing a concept scene from the upcoming film, 9 Days a Soldier, and we are really excited to share it.

9 Days a Soldier is a true story about a pivotal moment in the history of our nation during the final days of the War of 1812. But it is also a story of boys becoming men. These boys, ages 14 and 15, stepped up, volunteered, and made a real difference in the fight. Their cause was worthy of their courage. We would like to thank Caleb Milby of Los Angeles, California for flying in to film this scene with us, as well as all the great crew and cast that invested their time to share this vision.  We would also like to thank all of you who helped with financing for this stage in our development. We couldn’t have done this without you! We can’t wait to make the entire film and to share it with the world.

In The Can

17 Sep

Yesterday we shot a concept scene from the film 9 Days a Soldier. We had a world class collection of crew, gear, talent, and location that came together to capture our scene with great skill and quality. Thank to our supporters for your vision and support of this great and timely project! Can’t wait to share the results!


26 Aug

One of our funding partners just pledged a matching $25,000 contribution to help us meeting our initial fundraising goal. That means the next $25K committed nets $50K. Join this new funding partner and  help make the film "9 Days a Soldier" a reality.

Hiram Walworth

24 Aug

Introducing Caleb Milby. He will play the role of Hiram Walworth in our concept scene from 9 Days a Soldier. Caleb is from L.A. and star of a new award-winning film called Treasure Lies. Caleb's IMDB Page

The Old Stone Mill

16 Aug

We’ve selected an intense scene for our 9 Days a Soldier Concept Scene: Scene 79 - EXT - Old Stone Mill – Morning

We will film the scene using a brand new Arri Alexa LF Mini. This camera is probably the hottest camera in cinema today – the envy of many cinematographers. We have a full crew on standby to put together the lights, costumes, and gear we need. This scene is going to look fantastic! We’re making tremendous progress on the planning side. We haven’t yet met our funding goal but are confident we’ll get there with the help of people who are passionate telling this and other stories about what makes America the greatest country in the history of the world. Contact us if you'd like to see the screenplay for this important scene.

The Beginning

5 Aug

America Studios has a bold vision for launching a compelling slate of films. In order to ensure success, we need to build a base of support by developing key partnerships – in production, investors, influencers and the general public that believes in the America Studios’ vision.

America Studios will develop media assets and promotional content including a select scene from the feature film 9 Days a Soldier. The screenplay is already written and the finished scene will be used to inspire our initial partners to join our organization. For public support our goal in to acquire committed “Members” of America Studios. Members will be all those who believe in the America Studios vision and become a resource of support and advocacy.America Studios' first film will tell the true story of how a group of schoolboys from the Plattsburg Academy chose not to evacuate as they were instructed – instead they took up arms and defended their homes, their town, and their country. They were young – only 14, 15 and 16 years old.

We will soon approach investment partners with our plans to produce 9 Days a Soldier. Toward that end, we're producing a teaser and other media assets that will demonstrate the look, the feel and the quality of the America Studios brand.PHASE 1 FUNDING